The Color of Character

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Does Race Only Matter When the Victim is Black?

I’ve taken a completely unscientific poll of a ridiculously small number of people, but I think that my findings can be extrapolated to reflect many more. Perhaps thousands or even millions. The important quality of my subjects is that they are white, and view themselves as liberal, progressive, or at least not harboring feelings of…

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Black Lives Matter. So Do Tactics.

In the recently released video of Hillary Clinton’s meeting with Julius Jones and four other representatives from Black Lives Matter, there was a remark made that bears examination. Mr. Jones told Hillary Clinton that the Black Lives Matter movement wants to change white hearts. I think Mr. Jones and the others in the movement have it…

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MTV “White People” Is Key Documentary To Get Everyone Talking

MTV “White People” Is Key Documentary To Get Everyone Talking Last week “White People”, a powerful documentary from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas, aired on MTV and centered around getting young adults, in key parts of the country, talking truthfully about race, their personal experiences, (in)tolerance and understanding. Like the many conversations that…

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Are We Too PC? Where does it stop?

The gatekeepers’ minds are already locked tight. That doesn’t bode well for free speech on our college campuses. If the campus gatekeepers only allow those who agree with them to pass, then college will no longer be a learning experience. Once again academia has wasted their time and money on something so ridiculous, there are almost no words.

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