The Color of Character

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Associating Conduct with Color, Religion, or Ethnicity

Being white, anything I say about racism that doesn’t correspond to the most extreme left voices of the black and white communities, makes me suspect. To be specific: I must be a racist. Perhaps I am. Living in a major city, I fear becoming a victim of a crime perpetrated by a black male, or…

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Mother (Peggy) Hubbard is Wise

If you’ve read my novel or my blogs, you know I am a white guy trying to address the frustrations on all sides surrounding racism in America. I’ve stated that blacks, whites, and all other Americans have work to do. Although that seems obvious, there are some who think that all the responsibility rests entirely…

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Let’s Just Stop It.

Message to racists of any stripe: You have a misplaced sense of patriotism. You dishonor our country and the best of our heritage. You stand in the way of an even better future for yourself, as well as the rest of us. Message to angry blacks: Racist whites do not represent your white neighbors. Message to uneasy whites: The gang-banging,…

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Hope That Righteous Will Triumph over Hate and Evil

This message of hope, although specific, can be taken to heart by all of us in America who need the courage to stare down anyone who wishes to do us harm out of blind hatred because of our race, religion, sexuality, or any other way haters choose to see “the others.” I encourage you to…

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