The Color of Character

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More to be Outraged About

The recent shooting of Laquan McDonald has anyone who has seen the video disturbed. It is difficult to find a reason why after one bullet to the shoulder brought the young man to the ground, it was necessary to fire any more shots. Knife or no knife, had Officer Van Dyke held his fire after…

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Honesty at Your Own Risk

Until the problem of urban black crime perpetrated on whites as well as blacks is acknowledged, let alone ameliorated, we will not uncover some of the reasons for segregation, and the belief by many whites that blacks make our cities, schools, neighborhoods, and even our own blocks unsafe. We will continue to see whites resist efforts to put…

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Historic Link Threatened

Black Lives Matter to Jews in both America and Israel. That’s why from the start, Jews have been notably active in the civil rights movement, and leaders of various social justice organizations. That’s why through Operation Moses, Israel airlifted thousands of black Ethiopian Jews to Israel to save them from Moslem oppression. Justice is color…

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She Gets It! Color of Character Review

I just had the pleasure of reading a review of The Color of Character in Windy City Times, Chicago’s LGBT newspaper. The review was written by Margo Anderson. Aside from the fact that it’s complimentary, I like it because Ms. Anderson did an excellent job of summing up the story concisely, and pulling out some of…

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My Black Friends Are Conservative

It has been a relatively long time since my last post. To my legions and legions of followers (pause for laughter), my apologies.  I know the world has been holding its collective breath for my thoughts. The reason for the delay is the difficulty in finding new ways to say the same thing. Although the topic…

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