The Color of Character

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President and Mrs. Obama Phone Home

When I express remorse over what I see as the loss of a once in a generation opportunity by President and Mrs. Obama, most of my left-leaning friends and family are surprised. Their first thought is my frustration with President Obama’s foreign policy, but that’s a different story. A writer at the Chicago Tribune recently…

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Still Frustrated

I’m always looking for provocative information for this blog. I try to find new perspectives on the subject of race relations. Alas, all I read indicates to me that there are only two perspectives, and the twain never shall meet. No matter how much logic, reason, facts, history, and proof are presented by either side,…

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Whose Streets are Safer Might Depend on Your Color

Finding A Place To Jump In There is so much vitriol going back and forth from both sides of the far right and far left, that I haven’t been sure where to grab onto it to discuss. My personal experience is that there is absolutely no reasoning with either extreme. They are so sure of…

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