The Color of Character

Black Lives Matter

Race Relations – A Candid Perspective

Some of you might remember the Pulitzer Prize winning, Chicago columnist Mike Royko. He often wrote about his alter ego, Slats Grobnik, to represent the white, working class view of life. I’m going to introduce you to John Q. Whiteman. I don’t know if he is my alter ego or not, but I do think…

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Associating Conduct with Color, Religion, or Ethnicity

Being white, anything I say about racism that doesn’t correspond to the most extreme left voices of the black and white communities, makes me suspect. To be specific: I must be a racist. Perhaps I am. Living in a major city, I fear becoming a victim of a crime perpetrated by a black male, or…

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Does Race Only Matter When the Victim is Black?

I’ve taken a completely unscientific poll of a ridiculously small number of people, but I think that my findings can be extrapolated to reflect many more. Perhaps thousands or even millions. The important quality of my subjects is that they are white, and view themselves as liberal, progressive, or at least not harboring feelings of…

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Black Lives Matter. So Do Tactics.

In the recently released video of Hillary Clinton’s meeting with Julius Jones and four other representatives from Black Lives Matter, there was a remark made that bears examination. Mr. Jones told Hillary Clinton that the Black Lives Matter movement wants to change white hearts. I think Mr. Jones and the others in the movement have it…

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