The Color of Character


Minnesota Department of Human Wrongs

Minneapolis Will Fail Per this recent Minneapolis Star Tribune article, the Minnesota Department of Human Rights is looking for a way to eliminate racism. How? By declaring that the reason that more black students are disciplined than white students¬† is not a result of the black students’ greater inclination to misbehave, but partly because the…

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Implicit Bias. Real or Not?

Killing the Dream In The Color of Character, I hold up Dr. King’s Dream Speech as the goal that the protagonist aspires to. This blog post is about implicit bias. If it really exists, and cannot be overcome, as the proponents of this idea claim, then Dr. King’s speech can never become reality. According to…

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How Not to Help the Cause

Closed is Closed I had a brief report from my buddy John Q. Whiteman.¬† John was upset at a situation that he felt demonstrated how out of control the accusations of racism have become. He has a close friend, whom I will call Jack, who works the front desk at a nice restaurant in one…

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The Great Dividers

I’m always pushing dialogue to encourage mutual understanding in order to lessen what divides us where matters of race are concerned. Some folks just don’t want to talk. They want to point fingers in your face, preach, and judge, all the while with ears shut. That is not okay. That keeps us stagnating if not…

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