The Color of Character

Institutional Racism

Whose Streets are Safer Might Depend on Your Color

Finding A Place To Jump In There is so much vitriol going back and forth from both sides of the far right and far left, that I haven’t been sure where to grab onto it to discuss. My personal experience is that there is absolutely no reasoning with either extreme. They are so sure of…

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Race Relations – A Candid Perspective

Some of you might remember the Pulitzer Prize winning, Chicago columnist Mike Royko. He often wrote about his alter ego, Slats Grobnik, to represent the white, working class view of life. I’m going to introduce you to John Q. Whiteman. I don’t know if he is my alter ego or not, but I do think…

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Imagine the View From the Other Side

In writing The Color of Character, I tried to show how race relations are not so black and white. Certainly, the original sin of racism – of one race believing itself to be superior to another –  lies squarely on the backs of the white race. But the way to progress on the march towards…

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Associating Conduct with Color, Religion, or Ethnicity

Being white, anything I say about racism that doesn’t correspond to the most extreme left voices of the black and white communities, makes me suspect. To be specific: I must be a racist. Perhaps I am. Living in a major city, I fear becoming a victim of a crime perpetrated by a black male, or…

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