The Color of Character

Political Correctness

Self Esteem The Easy Way

Self Esteem on a Platter In The Color of Character, I write about the difficulties of integrating a junior high school in 1970. One of the observations of the story’s protagonist was that his black classmates were being handed a random collection of reasons as to why they “should have self esteem.” As if you…

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Mrs. Obama, I Agree

It Goes Back to Dr. King’s Speech If you had to give a quick elevator summary of The Color of Character, it’s that character – good, bad or in between – has no color. Your character is revealed by your actions, your life choices, and your effect on those whose lives you touch. This is…

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Free Speech Threatens Minorities at Universities – Yet Again

If you only read or listen to mainstream media, you would be unaware of the latest outrage on an esteemed American university campus. Threats to free speech that come from the left of political center conflict with the accepted narrative with which mainstream media is most comfortable, and therefore are overlooked. If it weren’t for…

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Should David Lynch be Allowed to Direct Movies Anymore?

Racism is serious. It’s real. If you’ve read The Color of Character or my blog posts, you know it’s on my mind, and something I would like to see diminished, at the very least, even if it can’t be totally eliminated. It will take rational people, interacting rationally. There are many discussions about racism on…

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Are We Too PC? Where does it stop?

The gatekeepers’ minds are already locked tight. That doesn’t bode well for free speech on our college campuses. If the campus gatekeepers only allow those who agree with them to pass, then college will no longer be a learning experience. Once again academia has wasted their time and money on something so ridiculous, there are almost no words.

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