The Color of Character

Social Progress

Mrs. Obama, I Agree

It Goes Back to Dr. King’s Speech If you had to give a quick elevator summary of The Color of Character, it’s that character – good, bad or in between – has no color. Your character is revealed by your actions, your life choices, and your effect on those whose lives you touch. This is…

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Honesty at Your Own Risk

Until the problem of urban black crime perpetrated on whites as well as blacks is acknowledged, let alone ameliorated, we will not uncover some of the reasons for segregation, and the belief by many whites that blacks make our cities, schools, neighborhoods, and even our own blocks unsafe. We will continue to see whites resist efforts to put…

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Historic Link Threatened

Black Lives Matter to Jews in both America and Israel. That’s why from the start, Jews have been notably active in the civil rights movement, and leaders of various social justice organizations. That’s why through Operation Moses, Israel airlifted thousands of black Ethiopian Jews to Israel to save them from Moslem oppression. Justice is color…

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MTV “White People” Is Key Documentary To Get Everyone Talking

MTV “White People” Is Key Documentary To Get Everyone Talking Last week “White People”, a powerful documentary from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas, aired on MTV and centered around getting young adults, in key parts of the country, talking truthfully about race, their personal experiences, (in)tolerance and understanding. Like the many conversations that…

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