The Color of Character


Holding Moral Imperatives Hostage to the Past

Since When Does Preaching The Golden Rule Make You A White Supremacist? If asking someone to do what many of us not only used to call doing the right thing, and still consider doing the right thing makes you a white supremacist, then where do we go from here? There is no one with whom…

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The Great Dividers

I’m always pushing dialogue to encourage mutual understanding in order to lessen what divides us where matters of race are concerned. Some folks just don’t want to talk. They want to point fingers in your face, preach, and judge, all the while with ears shut. That is not okay. That keeps us stagnating if not…

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President and Mrs. Obama Phone Home

When I express remorse over what I see as the loss of a once in a generation opportunity by President and Mrs. Obama, most of my left-leaning friends and family are surprised. Their first thought is my frustration with President Obama’s foreign policy, but that’s a different story. A writer at the Chicago Tribune recently…

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The Color of Character On Audio!

If you have considered reading The Color of Character, but neither the book nor Kindle format suits you, there is now a third option: audio. The novel that has been called “a standout” in its genre in the 5-star review by the Underground Book Review, is now offered on Amazon in an audio version. The…

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