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Are We Worried Yet? Censorship On Our College Campuses.

Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance, quote by Laurie Halse Anderson - Author of Speak and Chains

The Triumph of the Know-It-Alls

My very first blog was on my concern over censorship on our college campuses. I asked how could we ever come together over the big issues, such as race relations, if one side continues to self-righteously shut down the opposing view? I don’t believe it is possible, especially when so many of the young, self-appointed censors, with the help of weak-spined administrators who cave in, feel threatened and unsafe by views different from their own. Remember, these are our centers of LEARNING. How can you learn with your ears shut, your mind shut, and only your mouth open?


The Hyper-Sensitive Student of Today

Since I posted that first blog, things have only gotten worse. In spite of the awakening of some alumni and others, advocates of free speech on campus are losing the battle, and hence we are losing the future. A small sampling of the subjects that the sensitive yet oppressive censors believe have no meritorious opposing viewpoint and are not open for discussion include: Black Lives Matter, America’s white male approved rape culture, white privilege, Islamophobia, institutional racism, Israeli fascism, America’s evil founders, United States History. One can quickly assume what the “right” thinking is on these subjects. Dissent is not welcome in our centers of learning.

An Example in Video

I direct your attention to the following video on you tube on this very subject. Sometimes a picture is indeed worth a thousand words; and a moving picture even more. If you agree with the filmmaker, then you are probably worried like me. If you disagree with the filmmaker, then you have already determined that he, and I, and anyone else who disagrees with you is a racist. If you won’t allow discussion, do you think you will triumph over real racism, which does exist?

Enjoy. Or not…

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