The Color of Character

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5-Stars from Undergound Book Reviews

Glen Shuld offers readers plenty of food for thought in his fictional memoir.

Shuld incorporates topics on racism, inequality, minority issues and gender. Baby boomers will especially relate to the nuances he describes of the 1960s and 1970s. The Color of Character comes highly recommend—indeed, a wonderful and riveting read! Read More...

5-Stars from Reader's Favorite Awards.
Reviewed by Chris Fischer

"Wow! Just, "Wow!" How's that for a review? Well, that's absolutely what I thought when I finished reading The Color of Character by debut author Glen Shuld. Read More...

Windy City Times - Chicago.
Reviewed by Margo Anderson

"The Color of Character greatly complicates the issue of race and isn't afraid to ask difficult or taboo questions. It makes you challenge long-held beliefs and behaviors, and keeps you thinking long after you've finished reading it." Read More...

Reviews by Amos Lassen

"I read this book in one sitting. It is much more than a coming of age story. It is coming to know who you are, your beliefs, attitudes, prejudices and your level of tolerance. What I found interesting and sad is that not much has changed regarding racial intolerance, while great strides have been made in the acceptance of alternative lifestyles, I found myself questioning why there is still so much racial discrimination in our country." Read More...