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Are We Too PC? Where does it stop?

College campusThe gatekeepers’ minds are already locked tight. That doesn’t bode well for free speech on our college campuses. If the campus gatekeepers only allow those who agree with them to pass, then college will no longer be a learning experience.

Once again academia has wasted their time and money on something so ridiculous, there are almost no words.

The University of New Hampshire has released their official “Bias-Free Language Guide”. As New York magazine comments, “As the document assures its readers, it ‘is not meant to represent absolute requirements of language use.’ (Universities have tried imposing absolute requirements of language use, only to be struck down on First Amendment grounds.) So the guide should be understood not as an attempt at censorship, which would be illegal, but as a cutting-edge statement of P.C. language norms. It indicates that the list of terms that can give offense has grown quite long indeed.”

So what’s on this guide that deems it relevant to my blog?

First of all most of it, but among an outrageous number of things, these in particular got my goat:

Preferred:  U.S. citizen or Resident of the U.S.

Problematic: American (WHAT?). The rest of the world knows U.S. citizens as Americans. They also know that Chileans, as an example, also live in the Americas.

Preferred: White people, European-American individuals

Problematic: Caucasian people (Huh?)

I cannot remember the last time any of my more Scandinavian or Anglo-Saxon friends walked around saying they were Swedish-American or Scottish-American. They’re simply white or Americans, or both. Is this because we’re told to call all blacks African-American, when some aren’t even from Africa just for the sake of being “P.C.”?

How can we have honest dialogues – not monologues – about controversial issues, such as race realtions or Bondage Divestment Sanctions on our liberal college campuses if one side is in constant fear of saying anything that someone within earshot might find offensive. Read what the University of California has to say about “micro agressions” and see if you are beginning to feel that a shark has been jumped.

Simply put, it’s things like this that widen the divide that already exists. In my opinion, universities are supposed to be all-inclusive and bring us together, not further point out our differences. After all, isn’t education an equalizer?

Is our attempt to be sensitively inclusive actually hurting our ability to really truly be inclusive?

This article is hilarious and successfully points out the ridiculousness of this “guide” and other attempts to be P.C. Are we trying too hard?

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