The Color of Character

The Author - Glen Shuld

Glen - reduced color headshotThe Color of Character is the first book by author Glen Shuld, who took 10 years to collect his stories and memories to build this historical fiction novel.

Glen Shuld is a graduate of Northwestern University and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management where he earned his master's degree. After growing up in a progressive home in Evanston, Illinois, he went on to work in marketing management at a Fortune 500 company for many years, and taught as an adjunct professor for the University of Chicago's Graham School of Continuing Education.

Currently, Shuld resides with his life-partner in Chicago, and is an owner of a commercial real estate investment company. He actively supports a number of social justice organizations, as well as animal and environmental protection agencies.

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Listen to Glen talk candidly and openly about the origins of The Color of Character based on his personal experiences dealing with coming of age in turbulent times.