The Color of Character

The Color of Character On Audio!

The Color of Character

If you have considered reading The Color of Character, but neither the book nor Kindle format suits you, there is now a third option: audio. The novel that has been called “a standout” in its genre in the 5-star review by the Underground Book Review, is now offered on Amazon in an audio version. The story is read by professional narrator Peter Lerman, who has narrated such books as In My Father’s Court by Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Race relations is as important and prevalent a part of our national dialogue as it was in 1970, when much of the troubled story of Glen Feigman takes place. Although much has changed, not all is for the better, and there is more work to do.

Here is the link to take you to the Amazon page, to hear The Color of Character.

But wait, there is more! Amazon is running a special on the audio version. And there is no shipping and handling to be added.

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To paraphrase Charles Osgood: See you on the audio.

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